Baking: Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread

I am well known as the baker and the food advice giver (and maybe travel advice as it relates to food and musicals) at work. I was talking to one of my associates at work and they had a banana with some brown spots on it. Then another one had another banana so I ended up with 2 bananas, spots all over, ready for bread.  Continue reading “Baking: Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread”

Baking: Croûte d’pluot

When this recipe first came up, I knew I didn’t really want to use apricots because they aren’t really in season. I did know that peaches and pluots were. The boyfriend and I were able to drop by a farmer’s market on a Saturday morning and grab 3 different types of pluots. Each was sweet and a little sour too.


The green ones were a little more firm than the other ones and held up well through the baking. The other ones were slightly different colors, but on the outside, they looked about the same.


It was popular with the boyfriend and his roommates though it was a bit thin on the tart side. I probably should have doubled the recipe to get a good amount of actual tart. Next time!


Baking: Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies

Since I started dating someone new, it’s just been an interesting experience trying to get to know him and his friends. I can’t say we’re similar people because we aren’t but it’s just interesting to meet other people out there. He invited me to a werewolves game night one of his friends was having. I’ll admit the game is much more strategy than expected and actually probably need to know his friends a bit better to be able to play a full game. I mean for me, I was pretty quiet the whole time to figure out how strategy was being developed by most people.  Continue reading “Baking: Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies”

#firstof27dresses: Wedding!

One of my close friends from high school decided to get herself married on July 3rd. I have so many fond memories – mostly from high school when we really became a lot closer. There are a ton of memories of baking cakes at my house – maybe that’s where my love from baking started or just other small things. At the rehearsal and the actual wedding, I’ve seen how much she’s changed and grown since we were in high school.  She’s become such a beautiful person and I missed part of that transformation. I’m so glad I’m back in her life now and able to experience the wedding with her.  Continue reading “#firstof27dresses: Wedding!”

California Dreaming – Big Sur



I know it’s been awhile since it’s been posting – being in a relationship is harder than I remember it being. Trying to find time to spend together and then also spend time apart to be able to do the things we enjoy – so difficult when we’re also busy professionals.

This past weekend we were able to get away and have some fun while we were there. We got ourselves to Big Sur – it’s just so beautiful down there. Because it’s all protected, the water is so clear and blue! Just amazing. Enjoy the pictures below! Continue reading “California Dreaming – Big Sur”

Baking: Fresh Cherry Cupcakes

This recipe was one of the more popular cupcakes from the old blog so I decided to try it again with a slight twist like the other ones I’ve been revamping for this blog (see these other cupcakes). The people I’m close with now are much different than the ones I previously was before so I figure making these cupcakes again, especially if  I make them with a twist, aren’t recognizable to people now.  Continue reading “Baking: Fresh Cherry Cupcakes”