San Francisco: Dinner at Quince

I got the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card because some of my friends and coworkers loved the deals so much. I ended up getting it earlier this year; I found out they have some awesome rewards and benefits from it. One of these benefits was a special dining experience at Quince. It’s one of the many items on my list I’m trying to complete by the end of the year.  I mentioned it to a friend I was going to this event and they ended up joining me for the dinner!

For days before the event, I was super anxious and excited about the entire event.  I was going to an amazing Michelin starred restaurant which had gotten great reviews and perhaps was going to meet the chef!


I arrived around 6:45 to the dinner and there was already a bunch of people there – I was disappointed I wasn’t going to be able to choose somewhere in the center of the restaurant, but I was able to sit together with my friends (since I took their name cards) at a large table for 8. I actually decided on the table because it had the most lighting – gotta have that light for those pictures.  Boy, did I not predict what was going to happen.

First, the passed hors d’oveuvres and champagne were amazing. So many different varieties – crab and apple on a spoon, smoked salmon with cucumber, mini corn bread with honey butter, deep fried avocado.  Great start to an even more amazing meal.


Back to the table, when everyone sat down, we ended up with 6 women (shoutout to Kristin, Anna, Jen, Krristi and Stef) and 1 man.  It was wonderful though – great conversation throughout the night and we were laughing and enjoying each other’s company the entire time – definitely the kind of night I needed to have. We talked about everything from Siri (male versus female and the Australian version and how nice they were) to travel (definitely want to go to Copenhagen now) to rules for the everyone to follow (always surround yourself with beautiful people of the opposite sex).  I definitely can’t want to see them at other dinners when this happens again.  The menu was gorgeous and I definitely couldn’t wait to see everything. When the chef came out to speak, I definitely dd sneak a few pictures in like a true fan girl of food.


The first dish was this beautiful salad, but to call it a salad, doesn’t feel correct. It was more like a beautiful plate of vegetables that were all amazing.  We were definitely helped by some of the amazing staff who told us some of the parts of the 20 ingredient salad – olive and tomato powders to the beautiful dehydrated (and slightly) spicy lettuce leaves – all a tribute to late summer and early fall vegetables.   The wine that was pair with it (a 2013 French wine) was absolutely perfect.  Honestly, all you have to do is look at that plate and you know it’s a beautiful piece of artwork that cannot be replicated.  Every bite you would find a new flavor or texture to the food so it was never a dull moment – I loved it!


When Chef Tusk (or Michael), talks about this dish, he describes his experiences in Italy with raviolo, which is like this large ravioli that has an amazing egg on top. I’ve been to his other restaurant (right next door), Cotogna, specifically for this dish, but I definitely thought this was a better rendition of it. The brown butter – amazing. When you cracked into the egg – it just oozed.  The wild nettles and cauliflower added to the dish just added a dimension that was not a part of the other dish. The red wine was a bit dry and went great with the more buttery and creamy dish.


This was our last savory course, but of course, they saved the best for last. The cote de boeuf was melt in your mouth delicious.  It was pair with this interesting spinach savory bread pudding, which to be honest, by the end of the dish, I actually didn’t know if I enjoyed or not, but it was so interesting, texture wise and taste wise,  I just kept eating it.  The two pieces of meat were apparently all cooked on the bone (which made everything so juicy) and then cut off the bone for us to have.  The two pieces were amazingly tender, at a great temperature, and ranks pretty high on the best beef I’ve had.  Even the mushrooms (which I typically don’t love) were delicious. This wine has got to one of my new favorite wines – its a Vintage 2000 Zinfandel.  I’ve never been a huge lover of red wines, but this was definitely one of the sweeter, more Nina type wines. I wanted this dish many many times over, but there was my favorite course left – dessert!


If you know me, which you will through this blog, I love dessert. It’s my favorite part of any meal.  These desserts were an amazing end to this already amazing meal.  The one of the left was the main dessert – amazing Valrohona chocolates (both 70%+) made into a creamux atop this great crispy almond flour bottom and candied hazelnuts. It’s got to one of the favorite desserts. Also incorporated some Sightglass coffee and an amazing soft ice cream. Out of the other small bites for dessert, I loved the small fruit tart (with gold leaf) topped with pomegranate seeds. It was just so fresh, slightly tart, but delicious! The last wine pairing was with a Vintage 1999 Madeira. I’ve never been a huge lover of ports or madeiras, but this one – lovely!

Overall, this has got to be one of my favorite places and I’d love to try it during a regular night.  I had a great experience with the service – everyone was so helpful and accommodating and had an explanation for everything from the pictures to the beautiful decanters they had.  Definitely recommend for any occasion – or no occasion at all.

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