Cooking: Happy National Gumbo Day!


gumbo 1

As a way to jumpstart my blog, I’ve decided I needed to start baking and cooking related to some of the fun national days that exist out there. The closest one that sounded interesting to me was National Gumbo Day. I do love eating Cajun food, but honestly, I’ve never made any myself really. I’m afraid of not using enough spice…or using too much. Also, cooking is much more reactive since you can try it and adjust as you go. I typically am much more of a baker because if you put the ingredients together as the recipe suggested, it’ll turn out. It’s a similar way with cooking, but sometimes I’m just not as good as other people thinking on their feet.


 Anyways, to celebrate national gumbo day, I really wanted to make something delicious, simple and easy to make.  Looking at the recipes online, I found one that was only supposed to take 30 minutes – apparently it takes me longer than regular people to prep ingredients, but the gumbo itself wasn’t super difficult to make.  I made some adjustments along the way to make sure things would cook and be done when I wanted it to be.  I ended up using a green bell pepper and a red one, a pound of shrimp instead of just half a pound, and cut up the okra so it’s easier to cook.  I added a bit too much cayenne pepper which made it a bit too spicy, but still really good. Roommates really enjoyed it too so I think it was an overall successful dish! Looking forward to cooking some more and putting them on here.

gumbo 2


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