San Francisco: The Cruffin Craze

cruffin 1


More recently, everyone in San Francisco (including me) has gotten into this love of cruffins (croissant muffins).   Really first, it started with Dominique Ansel and his cronuts (croissant donuts) which admitted sound really good. I have yet to get one, but that’s a goal one day when visiting New York City – possibly.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is really the only place that I know of that makes cruffins – and they definitely do it pretty well.  I’ve waited twice in line now and had cruffins three different times.  All three time I think I’ve had different experiences, but they’ve definitely are something of a novelty item to try.


cruffin 2 cruffin 3

On the left, we have the cookies n cream which was pretty good. The custard that filled that was pretty good, but it mostly just tasted like cream without cookies. I actually wished there were bigger chunks of cookies in the cookies and cream cruffin.  The other one on the right I was able to try was the dark chocolate and matcha. I was unsure if it was going to be two different ones, but I definitely really enjoyed the matcha flavor. It was strong and the chocolate on top and the little bit of it in the cruffin was amazing.
Mr. Holmes may be known for their delicious cruffins, but there are some other things that are definitely great. Try the California croissant for an interesting combination of sweet and savory in croissant form. Or the lovely donuts. They’ve got interesting flavors for those daily as well.  Lastly, my newest favorite is the savory danish. The one I ordered had some sweet onion and cheese and even while cold it was delicious! I’ll take a few more of them.
Great bakery in the City.  Hope that everyone will have a chance to get something from the bakery and enjoy their delicious offerings.

 cruffin 4

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