Baking: Phish Food Ice Cream Cupcakes


There are quite a few recipes from my old blog that I wanted to retry and put together for this blog – for my friends and for my own pleasure again. I made the Phish Food Ice Cream Cupcakes previously and just wanted to make them again. I love a good ice cream cupcake, especially one that emulates a great ice cream flavor.


Start with a good recipe for a chocolate cupcake, add some marshmallow fluff and ice cream and you’ve got yourself a pretty good dessert. It’s definitely a lot of sugar, but still so delicious! I made my own marshmallow fluff this time around (which was just egg whites, corn syrup, and some powdered sugar) and used Bi-Rite salted caramel ice cream.  There are just so many ways to get the three flavors in the cupcake together (chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel). Forgot the fishies this time though! Great way to celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake day!



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