30 by 30: Skydiving – Completed!


Can you tell I’m scared beyond belief?  I definitely didn’t expect to do this, but then my best friend decided that we needed to check this thing off on our own bucket lists.  Before she left for medical school, my best friend wanted to do one last trip – just the two of us. We had lived together our senior year of college and had such a great time.  After living together, we now really treasure our time together whenever we can see each other.


Some pictures of my journey:

10300117_10152060469816441_2794523413144542494_nOur crazy face picture before we decided to jump out of an airplane

10322546_10152199866026748_7363403705410259097_nCan we just talk about how scared I look? All that was going through my mind was that I was going to die.

10295747_10152199868611748_7848710947814469014_nBut then, it’s okay; I’m alive and have a great view of the coast!

10390017_10152199889016748_7695339145857732486_nAsian pose with my lovely tandem instructor.

10301302_10152060471041441_6233758978584409217_nWe landed safely! My feet are back on the ground.


After skydiving and freaking out over it. I’m definitely not as adventurous as I thought I was. Honestly, it wasn’t bad once I was back on land.  Done and no more for me.


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