Baking: Double Chocolate Macarons


I decided to join a baking club again when I started this blog because I know that I wanted to be challenged in making different items. I know if I had my pick, I’d probably just make cupcakes and cookies all day. Nothing bad, but I do want to be challenged in making different items, something that someone else has chosen. I decided to join the Avid Baker’s Challenge because it’s a monthly challenge and it was easy to join.

IMG_0664These were definitely some of the hardest things I’ve had to make.  I don’t think I had made them well especially since they came out with a lot of personality rather than perfect. You could definitely tell that they were homemade and not made by a machine or a bakery, but they were not pretty, nor were they made in France (little running joke my friend and I had because the siplat says that it was made in France). The recipe wasn’t hard to make, and the instructions were great, but we just couldn’t really always follow directions.

Here’s a picture of me and my friend posing with our prettiest macarons.



  Next time, we’ll be better macaron makers. IMG_0675


2 thoughts on “Baking: Double Chocolate Macarons

  1. They look pretty chocolate-y and delicious to me. i can’t wait to make mine. That will be my first time as well (fingers crossed). I too like being challenged and that’s why ABC offers a variety of recipes 🙂


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