Baking: Maple Pumpkin-Pecan Snacking Cake


I get various emails daily, and when I saw the email from Food & Wine about the Ultimate Cake Baking Bucket List, I knew I had to take part. I love little bucket lists and challenges, if you can’t tell by my various lists I have on the blog.

October’s dish was a super easy (probably the easiest one on the list) – dry ingredients together and then wet – and mix together! I think the hardest part was chopping up the pecans since I wanted to make sure I had chunks, but that weren’t too big either. Also I had to replace some ingredients since I didn’t have them, but overall a great little recipe for fall.




I brought these along with me to the Josh Groban concert where I went with Stef! They were a great snack while we listen to him croon to us with his lovely voice. I definitely had chills during some of his songs and his voice is just amazing.  I definitely took some videos of his singing and it’s just amazing. I also brought them to work, and it seemed like lots of people at work enjoyed it as well. Easy recipe, with a delicious result – we all love that!




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