30 by 30: Musicals and Plays on Broadway – Completed!

I’ve now had the chance to watch more than one musical and play on Broadway.  They’ve all been wonderful experiences – each experience better than the next and I can’t wait to watch even more!

The first time I had the experience of seeing a musical on Broadway was Jersey Boys.

I was able to score student discount tickets the first time I was able to travel to New York; I knew that there were some shows you could get discounted tickets for so I figured I would give it a chance.  It was an amazing thing.  I wasn’t able to see everything since it was an obstructed view, but it was still $20 for a Broadway show.  It was pretty awesome (at least when I was a senior in college).


The next show was a play I really wanted to catch because of the actor in it, Daniel Radcliffe. It’s not the one where he’s naked, or How to Succeed in Business, but the third one – The Cripple of Inishmaan.  Not that I knew what the story was about, but I wanted to see his acting.

He was definitely really amazing.  I paid a significant amount of money, but it was an amazing experience.  I was able to get his signature too on my playbill! Watching an actual play live was an amazing experience, especially with Daniel Radcliffe as the main character was a great way.


Can’t wait for my trip to New York this winter to see another musical! Only 43 days until I’m reunited with my best friend.


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