Baking: Chocolate Cupcakes

This chocolate cupcake project started in early November when one of my closest girlfriends in the City wanted to surprise her boyfriend with cupcakes after his 2 week trip home to Australia. She decided quickly she wanted to make chocolate something since he loves chocolate so I found a great little recipe that seemed like it would make a great batch.


We got together on the day before he came back to be able to have a girls night in with food and wine (super hoping she and I will be able to continue those even with the boyfriend back from his vacation). We were planning on making a half batch of these delicious cupcakes but well when you start drinking, you tend to forget your intentions. Instead we made a full batch (since there was going to be no math involved), froze some, and I was able to use some for a party I was going to later in the week. The picture above is her little surprise for him – so adorable!


I made my chocolate cupcakes in a jar. I participated in an event in San Francisco where all our items had to be made in jars.  Since I had made cupcakes once before in a jar, I figured I’d do the same this time.  But then I was feeling a bit down, life wise, so I decided to skip the event, but had a bunch of cupcakes to give to friends.  I used three layers of cupcakes to make sure that there was a good amount of ratio of  frosting and cupcakes, but not an excessive amount.  I decided to put one layer of chocolate and strawberries (since they’re so good together), and the a layer of cream cheese frosting (similar to the recipe I’ve made before), and topped it off with more chocolate and a mini Twix.




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