Baking: Caramel Custard Pumpkin Seed Pie

IMG_0805 (1)
When I saw the recipe from the ABC group, I thought, uh oh, caramel.  I had made caramels once when I was in college and definitely got the point where the caramel was too hard. This time, I needed the caramel to work out for this pie. Also, since I had some frozen pie crusts that were already cracked, I decided to use what I have already and not make it more complicated for myself. Somehow, I also decided that starting this whole process at 10pm on a Saturday was a great idea (I ended up finishing HOURS later at around 5am), but it was fun – college like again for me. Pulling an all nighter to bake isn’t fun, but it’s definitely always and adventure. 


I didn’t have enough almonds so I changed the proportions of the almonds and pumpkin seeds.  I realized that when I bought my pumpkin seeds, they were in the shells so I had to deshell them too (this probably took me a 2 hours whilst watching some Netflix). I also messed up on the caramel, twice.  First, I took the caramel off and it seized up and became a mess. Then, I tried again (the wet method which is with sugar and water). The sugar crystallized a lot and I decided that I needed a better way. The third time, I tried David Lebovitz’s method of caramel which is with just sugar, headed at a medium temperature.  I watched it and it took a while, but the caramel actually came out beautifully.




My substitutes this month:

  • 3 mini tartlets instead of the large 9 in tarts (my three friends who tried it all loved it)
  • 60g of almonds and 80(ish)g of pumpkin seeds
  • Dry method of caramel instead of the wet method. Somehow it was easier for me to control


Check out everyone else’s versions of the recipe!


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