Life: Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

26 years old now which means I’m in the later half of my twenties. It’s both weird mostly because some of my friends are older than me and therefore I already think I’m 26.


My first birthday celebration was with some friends – brunch and then the after party at my place. I had decided to get myself some cake, champagne (very important), and great food with friends.

The food at Fable is actually pretty good. We sat outside at the patio – little bit of rain won’t stop us from having a great brunch. Drinks and a bit of eggs are my favorite things to have with friends.


Also the cake of course…


I have some great friends who come to my birthday. 12241282_10153339486248177_4517563481543525974_n.jpg


Then, there’s always the family dinner we have.   Such good food at Summit House in Fullerton. I was able to get the filet mignon (with a lobster tail!)

First family picture in a really long time…


Also cake of course!


Such a great birthday dinner. Can’t wait for next year!


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