30 by 30: Travelling Internationally Myself


When I decided in 2015 to check more things on my 30 list, I wanted to travel internationally by myself. Back in 2014, I spent 2 weeks, mostly by myself, traveling to the East Coast. It was an amazing experience – very freeing. I could do what I wanted to, eat when and where I wanted, and saw whomever I wanted to. I wanted that experience, but in a different country this time.

When I was actually planning my yearly summer vacation, I was actually hoping to go to the Philippines with some friends, but my mom thought it would be too dangerous. I thought it would be better to travel somewhere safer – Japan.

I actually have documented what I did day by day, but I’ll spare everyone the details about what I did everyday.  It was just an amazing experience travelling myself. It was a lot of freedom to travel by myself since there was really no one’s feelings to consider when I made decisions, but it was also lonely.  I didn’t have friends to hang out with along my journey, but I was able to make some new ones and see one friend for a weekend in Gifu.  I suggest everyone to do some traveling themselves, even if it’s to gain a new perspective on the world.


Collage above was a few of the things I saw during my trip. It was an amazing experience overall. There is just so much history behind everything so it was amazing to see.  I really tried to do and see as much as I could in 2 weeks. Definitely I ate some really fresh sushi, kobe beef, and even a Michelin starred restaurant.

The modern and historical sites in Japan were really something. The picture below actually a great juxtaposition of an old temple and the new Tokyo Tower, one of the tallest structure in Japan.  This is actually quite typical in Tokyo and Japan.


Overall, it was such a great experience in both travelling by myself to gain some perspective on my life and going to Japan to see the beautiful country.


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