30 by 30: CPA

Getting those 3 letters behind my name was a stressful process. I started the process right after college ended and I started working…Actually, I started figuring out how to get my CPA when I started working.

First step to getting your CPA is to get all your applications in. There are so many forms you need to complete – and spending a lot of money! After getting all those forms in – then comes the tests.

Honestly, the hardest part about the CPA is the tests – 4 of them (really, 5) to get done. The pass rate is at about 45% for each test. Of course the first time I looked up this statistic was the day before my first test.  I knew that I didn’t have much time while I was working to be able to study so I just took the week off before each of my tests and crammed.  The Company I worked for provided us with some awesome testing materials.


This program was wonderful in giving me all the information I needed to pass the tests.  I did the self-study at home and studied my butt off for each of the tests because I definitely needed to pass these the first time around.

Each of the tests were hard in their own way, but audit and financial accounting were probably the ones I studied the most in since they were topics I was less familiar with. Overall, passed with 80%+ on each of my test.

After taking all the tests, it was great to be able to relax for a little bit since you can do the ethics test and paperwork a little while afterwards.  But eventually you do have to take an open book ethics test and more paperwork including pictures and fingerprints.

In the end, an ethics test and some more paperwork means that I became a CPA.


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