30 by 30: New Years Eve in New York City

Taken by Jaymie Santiago

There is just something quintessential about spending New Years Eve in New York City. It’s about spending that time with friends watching the ball drop in Times Square. Although I’m not the type of person to stand for an ENTIRE day waiting for a small ball to drop to signify the new year, I did want to be in the Big Apple and do it my way – getting dressed up and drinking champagne with some of my closest friends.

Even though not all my friends made the trip to New York City, I was definitely able to party it up with my close friends. I honestly started planning about almost a year before I went because I wanted to get a cheap flight (free! using airline miles) and a great hotel room for New Years Eve.  Since I was spending most of my time with the best friend, I also wanted to be sure I could get the time away from work and planned a bunch of things to do (Broadway, Rockettes, a trip to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, and a ton of food).

Check out some of the things my best friend and I do when we get bored…

And all the bottles of champagne and other things sparkling.

Hope everyone had an amazing New Year’s Eve. Also thanks to my friend Jaymie for some of the pictures. 


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