NYC: Statue of Liberty Crown Access

Getting access up to the crown is actually not that difficult. I definitely got the tickets to go up a few months ahead of time since I was going during the holiday season, but we checked for other days and it looks like about 3 weeks is good if you’re not traveling during any of the busy times. Summer? I’d probably plan ahead.

Since we didn’t exactly know what time we had to be there, we got there a little earlier and since I had already purchased my tickets online with a set time, we were able to get through everything pretty quickly. There’s a presale line inside the castle (so you don’t have to wait in the LONG line outside).  There we received our tickets and got in another short line for the actual ferry. After many security checkpoints (which I totally understand, just annoying when it’s cold!), we were going to finally be on climbing many a steps to the top of the Statue of Liberty! Okay there was the part above where we got the green VIP status wristbands.

We somehow had 200+ steps to the pedestal, but then only 150 more steps up to the crown.  Didn’t make sense when we first saw the sign. We thought it would end up be being the other way around – more steps up to the crown, rather than to the pedestal.  The steps to the top of the pedestal are normal steps, so those 200 step is probably around 15-20 floors apparently. Not bad, but not too easy either.  Afterwards, getting to pedestal – it was amazing to look back at Manhattan and the beautiful skyline. Look at it!


View from the Crown


Actually to climb all the way up, it’s quite difficult since a significant portion of the climbing involves stairs that are much higher than regular stairs and in this spiral staircase you can see below. There are little ledges you can get out on if the walk is too much, but the view from the top cannot be beat!

Spiral staircase

 Definitely a to do in New York! 



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