30 by 30: Broadway musical, part 2

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I’m really into lists. For whatever reason when I find a list I’m interested, I feel the need to finish it. Even though I’ve been to a musical on Broadway already, whenever I’m in New York City, I do feel the need to see one (or more). This time around my trip includes checking off another one of my bucket list item, but of course, I needed to see a musical with the best friend. 
We decided on the King and I. I loved the original movie when I had watched it years ago and watching it live is even better. We ended up getting loge seats since they were the most reasonably priced for our budgets. I definitely know if I lived in New York, I’d be spending all my money on musicals, plays, and food. Lincoln Center is definitely one of the prettier locations we could go to for a musical.

After the show, we were on a musical high so we looked into getting tickets to other shows (especially those with lotteries). We ended up trying for 2 different shows, Kinky Boots and Hamilton. I had already seen Kinky boots during their national tour to SF, but Wayne Brady was in this version so I figured I would watch it again. And he was amazing in it. Definitely a great singer, dancer and overall performer.

Afterwards, we decided to hang out at the stage door to get some signatures and see if we could figure out who some of the characters were without their makeup. Then Wayne Brady ended up coming out and taking selfies with everyone which really can’t be beat!!

I did end up seeing a third show with some of my other friends who came to celebrate New Year’s Eve with me. There were multiple things that we wanted to do, but unfortunately nothing we wanted to do was available (NBA game or SNL). We settled on going to see Allegiance.

This is a pretty new show about the experience of Japanese internment in the 1940s. Lea Salonga and George Takei star in this tearjerker of a show. I will admit it isn’t the best show I’ve ever seen but I think it’s a topic that people need to have discussions about. They did end up getting cancelled (aka their last show is February 14th), but it’s a great show that needs to be known and people should watch it! Hopefully they’re able to share their story again sometime soon.


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