30 by 30: Finishing that 5K

I finished! I honestly don’t really work out ever.  I’m probably the worst out of my friends since they all run, especially my friends who run long distances. Typically, when I go to the gym, I’m all about the elliptical and stretching myself out. Gotta keep flexible.  I figured that a 5K I could do easily (only a little more than 3 miles) and hopefully finish it with some friends.  This run was the first weekend after I got back to San Francisco and had no time to train even a little bit. I’m not a runner so not even training a little bit was difficult for me. Honestly, I wouldn’t do this again without a little bit of working out beforehand because it’s just rough on me that I couldn’t at least go jogging a little bit before doing this run with friends. No more during busy season!


Two of my close friends who are both great runners stayed with me while I jogged and walked most of the journey.  Thank you to Kathleen and Sharkie for understanding that I’m not a runner and haven’t been…ever. It was more like a great walk haha. 3 miles is actually a long distance for someone who just walks to and from the public transportation- and during busy season, rarely even that since I’m so busy and staying late at work.  This is my year of working out though! I gotta start making some time to keep myself healthy.


This was a fun run throughout the Golden Gate Park and at the end, we got a cup with a bunch of goodies especially the hot chocolate and the various items that we could dip in the chocolate fondue! Now onwards to training for a race and running more 5Ks!

Picture by Kathleen

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