#firstof27dresses: Being Asked

It’s been one of my goals to be a part of a wedding party; maybe not 27 weddings but a few. I knew that one of my best friends, Kim, would definitely ask me to be a part of her wedding party, but since she’s currently without a significant other, I wasn’t going to bet on doing that for her within the next year or so.

Recently, I was reconnected with one of my closest high school friends. Long story short, distance between our universities created a rift between the two of us. High school seems forever ago, but we definitely haven’t changed that much since then.

Check out us at our fake prom!

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Baking: Molten Chocolate Cake

Another Valentine’s Day, another holiday related to love when I’m single. I think because of that, I avoid the holiday and everything related to it. I decided to stay home and avoid all the romance this holiday brings. I could avoid all the external things, but I decided to treat myself and make the molten chocolate cakes since it would be easy and a nice treat for myself.  Continue reading “Baking: Molten Chocolate Cake”

Baking: Angel Food Cupcakes

 I definitely intended on making these for a party a few weeks ago, but somehow my egg white just wouldn’t whip! Then again, I was making both these and some cinnamon rolls so I was so focused on the rolls that it was slightly difficult to make the angel food cupcakes.

I went with these when my roommates were gone so that I could stay up and watch Criminal Minds (currently my guilty late night tv pleasure) and make these cupcakes. I definitely wanted to make most of the recipes on this Food and Wine list – but I didn’t want to buy an angel cake pan. I doubt I’d have another use for it so decided to go with cupcakes. Continue reading “Baking: Angel Food Cupcakes”

San Francisco: Restaurant Week 2016


San Francisco Restaurant week – definitely one of my favorite weeks food related.  It’s actually longer than a week, but that’s no matter.  I had a great time going out to eat with friends (new and old) and even by myself. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do since I’m able to try restaurants that looked good and especially the ones with a great deals.
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