#firstof27dresses: Being Asked

It’s been one of my goals to be a part of a wedding party; maybe not 27 weddings but a few. I knew that one of my best friends, Kim, would definitely ask me to be a part of her wedding party, but since she’s currently without a significant other, I wasn’t going to bet on doing that for her within the next year or so.

Recently, I was reconnected with one of my closest high school friends. Long story short, distance between our universities created a rift between the two of us. High school seems forever ago, but we definitely haven’t changed that much since then.

Check out us at our fake prom!

Orakarn, Steph, and I were all super close in high school; I was always the loudest and most “boy crazy” per Steph. To be honest, I was probably the person that had a boyfriend first out of the three of us, but definitely now not the first to get married.


When Steph sent me a text asking me to be her bridesmaid, I will admit I did pause for a little bit. Weddings are expensive and even more so when the bride lives on the other side of the state from me. I did end up saying yes, partially because I did want to check this off of my bucket list, but also because I wanted to be by her side when she said yes to the man of her dreams.

I’m so excited for my journey and I hope you’ll follow it with me. Check out the #firstof27dresses for the entire process!


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