Baking: Carrot Cake Donuts


I had gotten a donut pan from Stefanie for my birthday and I just haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I had some free time this weekend. I decided I wanted to make some carrot cupcakes and what better way to experiment with the donut pan, but also to make some carrot cake donuts.

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#firstof27dresses: Bridal Shower

 Now that I’m already a bridesmaid for a friend, I wanted to make sure her maid of honor had the important stuff planned – a bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Now currently, the party hasn’t been planned, but the bridal shower was definitely a ton of fun and I’m so happy I made the trip down for it.

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Baking: Coffee Chocolate Birthday Cake

Picture of the birthday boy by the girlfriend

The girlfriend from the last time I made chocolate cupcakes planned a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend for his Dirty Thirty. We started planning this for probably a few weeks now. She and I go out to brunch weekly on Sunday and we planned it (somewhat together).   What’s funny is that he already got a surprise earlier in the week – his sister from Australia came to visit and asked if there were any more surprises – WELL DUH!

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Baking: Stout Bundt Cake with Whiskey Caramel

Whenever we have big deadlines at work, I try and bring something into work to celebrate! Since one of our big deadlines is close to St. Patrick’s day, I decided to make something festive and fun.  Also, one of my coworkers is going to Ireland for a secondment so I thought I’d celebrate that too! Probably should have explained all that in my email but that’s all good – I think everyone likes free food at work.

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30 by 30: 100 Things to Eat in SF Before You Die – Completed!

It seems like a strange goal to have (and I know it is), but the 7×7 magazine always put out this amazing looking list and I knew one of my goals when I was first putting my list together would be to try and complete the entire list in the year.  They have a new list yearly, but I thought it would be a very ambitious goal to eat all the restaurants within the year.  There are definitely some places I have been to before this year, but most of places were completed and eaten in this year. I do have some favorite restaurant and dishes, and there are some dishes definitely didn’t deserve a top 100 spot in my mind. It was a lot of fun trying to finish a list of things, but definitely took over my life.  I’ve told my friends I’m never allowed to do these lists again because they’re time consuming and expensive. I’m definitely not made out of money, but it definitely was a fun adventure to have to try these places in  San Francisco.

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