Baking: No Knead Brioche


Baking is difficult to do while being out of the apartment for basically 2 weeks of the month. I was hoping I could bake more since I hoped I would be working less, but with vacations, trainings, and just life, I just didn’t have time until Memorial Day weekend to make this. The no knead brioche was a great simple recipe for me.  Continue reading “Baking: No Knead Brioche”


Chicago: Food

Picture by Mike Warot (provided by Flickr)

I’m a food person. If you’ve read my blog before you know that I love food – making it, eating it, but Chicago has a great food scene I really enjoyed. I definitely tried to go to some of the more popular places since I was only going to be there a few days, but I got some great places in. These are on the most popular lists on yelp or by Chicago critics – one even has a Michelin star.  Continue reading “Chicago: Food”

30 by 30: 20 Michelin Stars

I enjoy beautiful foods. At most of these Michelin starred places, they take presentation and flavor into consideration. Some of my favorite restaurants have been at these places because they wait on you hand and foot and give you everything you expect from a fine dining experience. I also love to be able to try multiple courses and they portion the dishes out in smaller portions so I can do so. I’ve eaten at more than these if we were going to use current stars, but I decided to just use the amount of stars when I ate at these locations. Continue reading “30 by 30: 20 Michelin Stars”