Chicago: Food

Picture by Mike Warot (provided by Flickr)

I’m a food person. If you’ve read my blog before you know that I love food – making it, eating it, but Chicago has a great food scene I really enjoyed. I definitely tried to go to some of the more popular places since I was only going to be there a few days, but I got some great places in. These are on the most popular lists on yelp or by Chicago critics – one even has a Michelin star. 


My first amazing experience of Chicago foods was at the Purple Pig. One of my friends had suggested this place when she came by Chicago a few months ago and it looked so good. When I got to the restaurant for my first lunch in Chicago, I decided to get bone marrow. It’s been highly suggested by a lot of places and definitely on Yelp as well.  The bone marrow was so fatty, but it was amazing on the bread and the herb salad. The drinks there were great too! I wish I had more room in my stomach for all the things I wanted to eat off the menu, but the bone marrow was a delicious choice.


Spiaggia was my 20th Michelin star received. I sat there at the bar myself (they have charging stations) and I really enjoyed my food all night.  I started with a drink with some Pimms – I’ll admit I love a good Pimm’s drink. Then had some amazing plated and tasting seafood. I LOVED the gnocchi – the truffle on top was amazing! The dessert wasn’t my favorite part, but it wasn’t bad either.



Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe has a great location, but most of all – the food is great. Being next to Millennium Park means tourists will be come by frequently, but the food was delicious! I got a skillet which had so much food, but I love a great over easy egg over hashbrowns with some other items – chorizo most of all. The cheesiness just made everything come together. I love a good plate of potato, meat, cheese and eggs for breakfast. It was kind of a lot of food and calories, but so worth them.

Not only that, it came with pancakes! I decided to go with the berry bliss which was like blueberry pancakes, but with more berries. Love the fresh berries on top of the pancake too! The berry sauce and the cream were great additions.


img_0249MEAT! Tango Sur is this amazing. We started off with some pretty good empanadas. I super enjoyed the corn one because it was just so different – sweet corn BELONGS in a empanada. My friend and I then ended up getting the Para Dos dish.  It was honestly so much meat, but short ribs were amazingly made. The chimichurri sauce (that came with almost anything) was probably our favorite part of any of the dishes.


This was probably my favorite restaurant I went to this time around. Girl and the Goat was literally the first thing I did after I booked my flight to Chicago. I went onto Opentable and made this reservation.  I came here with my friend knowing we’d eat a lot of food. We had something from each of the categories – well except vegetables obviously. `The bread (brioche) with the miso butter and kimchi was so good. I loved the miso butter – must have miso butter in my life from now on. Also brioche. The escargot dumplings weren’t my favorite, but still good. Goat? Well I had to get some goat at a restaurant called girl and the goat. Then there’s always scallops and pork. I love scallops – they’re always my favorite and I can’t deny an egg on top of pork. Everything was amazing – highly suggest coming here if you’re headed to Chicago.


Lastly, my friend introduced me to Jeni’s ice cream. Some great flavors and there were just so many great creamy things about it. Also love the fact that you get a waffle piece if you decide to go with a cup. I found some at a local Andronicos and definitely decided to get it – it made me so happy!


My Chicago food adventure was amazing – totally recommend every single one of these!


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