Baking: No Knead Brioche


Baking is difficult to do while being out of the apartment for basically 2 weeks of the month. I was hoping I could bake more since I hoped I would be working less, but with vacations, trainings, and just life, I just didn’t have time until Memorial Day weekend to make this. The no knead brioche was a great simple recipe for me. 


When I saw this recipe, I knew that I wanted to make this over Memorial Day weekend. This was something I could start and then leave alone for a few hours while I go out with friends and have some fun. We started the bread Saturday night – made the bread Sunday night to have Monday morning for brunch.


Bread was easy to make honestly and pretty good. I felt it was a bit too eggy for me, but with warm, right out the oven, it was delicious. Even toasted the next morning with a bit of berry jam, it was delicious!


Success this time around for Avid Baker’s Challenge!



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