Baking: Easy Peesy Cheesy Cookies

So I’m a little behind. Work is getting to me, and now having a boyfriend means that I have less time than ever. But one weekend, he was busy so I decided to make these cookies and make some tomato soup too! They go great together. Loved this recipe, Avid Baker’s ChallengeContinue reading “Baking: Easy Peesy Cheesy Cookies”


#firstof27dresses: Wedding!

One of my close friends from high school decided to get herself married on July 3rd. I have so many fond memories – mostly from high school when we really became a lot closer. There are a ton of memories of baking cakes at my house – maybe that’s where my love from baking started or just other small things. At the rehearsal and the actual wedding, I’ve seen how much she’s changed and grown since we were in high school.  She’s become such a beautiful person and I missed part of that transformation. I’m so glad I’m back in her life now and able to experience the wedding with her.  Continue reading “#firstof27dresses: Wedding!”