Baking: Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread

I am well known as the baker and the food advice giver (and maybe travel advice as it relates to food and musicals) at work. I was talking to one of my associates at work and they had a banana with some brown spots on it. Then another one had another banana so I ended up with 2 bananas, spots all over, ready for bread.  Continue reading “Baking: Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread”


Baking: Croûte d’pluot

When this recipe first came up, I knew I didn’t really want to use apricots because they aren’t really in season. I did know that peaches and pluots were. The boyfriend and I were able to drop by a farmer’s market on a Saturday morning and grab 3 different types of pluots. Each was sweet and a little sour too. Continue reading “Baking: Croûte d’pluot”

Baking: Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies

Since I started dating someone new, it’s just been an interesting experience trying to get to know him and his friends. I can’t say we’re similar people because we aren’t but it’s just interesting to meet other people out there. He invited me to a werewolves game night one of his friends was having. I’ll admit the game is much more strategy than expected and actually probably need to know his friends a bit better to be able to play a full game. I mean for me, I was pretty quiet the whole time to figure out how strategy was being developed by most people.  Continue reading “Baking: Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies”