Baking: Bourbon Bread Pudding 


I’ve really tried to push myself to make one thing a week from the Alton Brown EveryDayCook book. If you know me well, I don’t actually have all that much alcohol. Well maybe wine (like Moscato), but never really anything else. Since I was hanging out with a friend for most of the weekend, we decided to try and make this since he has a nice alcohol selection.  Continue reading “Baking: Bourbon Bread Pudding “


Cooking: Chicken Piccata


When I start lists, especially cooking or eating related, I get obsessive – I really try and finish things I start. Since I decided to start on this cookbook (EveryDayCook), I wanted to try and do a recipe a week so with a 100 or so recipes, I can get through this cookbook in 2 years (or so). There’s some really great recipes on the list – this is definitely one of them. Something that’s a great dish on a weekday night – easy with ingredients that should be in my apartment (which aren’t always).  Continue reading “Cooking: Chicken Piccata”

Baking: Blueberry Pound Cake


Choosing a book to cook every single recipe out of has been difficult, but I love Alton Brown so I decided on his newest cookbook – EveryDayCook. It just has so many different items in it – baking, cooking, and some alcoholic drinks as well.  I’m hoping this will force me to cook more often and be able to document it as well here.  Continue reading “Baking: Blueberry Pound Cake”