Baking: Blueberry Pound Cake


Choosing a book to cook every single recipe out of has been difficult, but I love Alton Brown so I decided on his newest cookbook – EveryDayCook. It just has so many different items in it – baking, cooking, and some alcoholic drinks as well.  I’m hoping this will force me to cook more often and be able to document it as well here. 

The first recipe I decided to try was the blueberry pound cake. My friends came over to watch the second Presidential Debate last week and along with pizza and salad, I decided to make this beautiful dish.



The cake was pretty easy to put together – measuring everything and I decided to use a hand mixer, rather than the stand mixer (mostly because I didn’t want to clean that glass bowl out of laziness). I weighed all my ingredients as suggested. I will admit I did think there was going to be too much flour, but it ended up being just right. Alton had this great technique to get the bundt pan fully floured or sugared really in this case and it worked surprisingly well. Actually I shouldn’t be surprised by Alton.

My friends enjoyed bites (large pieces between two of them) of the pound cake while watching the debate, but I did end up bringing the rest of the cake to work to enjoy. The crumb was really great, and I loved the bit of sugar crunch on the outside of the cake. I was told the crunch was the favorite of one of my friends.  This is definitely a recipe for the future as well. I’ll try it with different fruits and see what works best.

When I uncovered the bundt pan, I did end up an area that probably just have a few too many blueberries and not enough cake so it didn’t uncover well. Regardless, the cake ended up being really delicious and if I really wanted to cover it up, whipped cream!




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