Cooking: Chicken Piccata


When I start lists, especially cooking or eating related, I get obsessive – I really try and finish things I start. Since I decided to start on this cookbook (EveryDayCook), I wanted to try and do a recipe a week so with a 100 or so recipes, I can get through this cookbook in 2 years (or so). There’s some really great recipes on the list – this is definitely one of them. Something that’s a great dish on a weekday night – easy with ingredients that should be in my apartment (which aren’t always). 


Actually, this recipe was supposed to serve 6, but I didn’t have that many friends coming over, but I did want to finish a recipe so I halved the entire thing – what I would suggest if someone is planning on going that route is still still have the same amount of liquids for the sauce. I feel like there just wasn’t enough liquid after the braising for the sauce on the chicken and rice we made.

KatyaAS2.jpgMy friends came over to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2. I know it seems like a weird show to watch, but my friends and I are totally #teamKatya. She’s a bit quirky with everything she does. She was on season 7 and was very unsure of herself, but this season, she was so sure of her looks – her brand. She definitely had a few moments where she was down this season, but she was awesome overall.

Rupaul’s Drag Race is one of those shows where I just love to see someone else’s life and the drama play out. There is obviously drama, but I think for the most part, you see some pretty outfits, and men playing dressup as women. Their makeup – amazing!


Anyways, back to the food. The dish was really great. I just wished I had more sauce. Otherwise, the dish was awesome. Definitely a dish I’ll make again (and soon!)



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