Baking: Bourbon Bread Pudding 


I’ve really tried to push myself to make one thing a week from the Alton Brown EveryDayCook book. If you know me well, I don’t actually have all that much alcohol. Well maybe wine (like Moscato), but never really anything else. Since I was hanging out with a friend for most of the weekend, we decided to try and make this since he has a nice alcohol selection. 


Using Alton Brown’s recipe, my friend and I decided to make a batch of bread pudding using his alcohol and my experience. It was actually funny because I let him choose what kind of dried fruit we were adding as I was not picky and secondly, I was really only going to have a small piece of it. He decided to choose currants. After putting the bread pudding into the oven, it definitely took much longer than the time suggested on the book, but I just kept checking and using my thermometer to check. We definitely pulled it out before it reached the suggested temperature, but the bread pudding was fine.


I will admit, in the recipe, he suggested to exclude 2 cups of the custard liquid to drink, but it wasn’t amazing as a drink so we decided to make another small platter of a bread pudding with the rest of the bread we had. The issue was the fact the proportion was different between the two of them. I will admit, I like the Alton Brown one better.


The bread pudding was great, but there would be some instructions I would change. I would have wanted to mix the custard mixture with the bread so that the currants would be more incorporated. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing – maybe find a way to use the 2 cups in a better way.



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