Baking: Pumpkin Cheesecake

6d8eb7f0-3ced-457d-9979-4baad40f3320 (1).png

Cheesecake. Oh dear. I really didn’t want to do the cheesecake, but it was just perfect for the for my friend’s birthday.  She was doing a small gathering prior to roller skating so I decided I’d bake the cheesecake for my friend’s party. 


The party was Saturday night, so I honestly decided to start the night before since it needed to be refrigerated for at least 6 hours. Since I knew I was getting brunch in the morning, it would be difficult to bake something for an hour+ and then chill for 6 hours. Deciding to start making these at about 8pm was a rough decision as I knew I’d had to start, but it was going to be a LATE night.

The recipe starts with great ginger-y base. I really should have made my own gingersnaps to make, but honestly, I wasn’t going to do that so late at night (maybe next time when I have more preparation). Also, the recipe called for cooling the pumpkin puree for an hour too so just a lot of waiting time.


The cheesecake part of it was not too difficult to make – just was a lot of things to put together. I was actually really nervous on the cook a cheesecake – it’s been quite a bit since I’ve made a cheesecake and honestly, I’ve never made a full cheesecake before. I always made mini cheesecakes, but I knew if I wanted to finish my goal successfully I needed to make it in full.


Cutting the cake was another story. I was so nervous about unmolding it – in case it fell apart or something. I’m so glad that didn’t happen at all. I also loved Alton’s plating of the cheesecake in the book, I couldn’t completely replicate it, but I did want to save some pieces for some friends and not bring everything to the party.



Overall, the cheesecake was delicious and the gingersnaps were such a great base. The cheesecake was not the most beautiful, but even with the little bits of faults, it was a good and actually super easy!




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