Cooking: Liege Waffles

Living out of two different apartments can be difficult. With my boyfriend living in Berkeley and myself living in SF, we try and spend equal amounts of time in each other’s places. I’m sure both our roommates appreciate that, but it makes our planning at times complicated. I had plans in SF on Friday night and Sunday morning and him on Saturday afternoon.


We made these Friday night after what I needed to do and made the waffles Saturday morning. To be honest, these too a lot more time than expected. The sugar kept burning in his waffle maker (which was from the 1970s or something) since it doesn’t have a adjustable heat setting. So between each waffle I made, I had to clean the waffle maker.


The waffles were delicious and we topped them off with some banana, blueberries, and a great white chocolate raspberry peanut butter from Hawaii. The boyfriend bought it back for me from Hawaii as a little present. Small containers of flavored peanut butter. Highly suggest adding some savor items to the sweet waffles.

I enjoyed my experience making them, but definitely not worth the time or effort for next time.



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