Cooking: Cauliflower Cheese


As I’ve been spending more time together, we try and eat out less – so that means we try and cook more often. That being said, we need to get our costs way down since I do tend to like to make elaborate meals from my EveryDayCook cookbook, but it was nice to get an easier meal from Avid Baker’s Challenge.


We tend to eat in and since he’s been working out a lot, I also made sure we got some meat in there – he bought some chicken apple sausage to be included. Since I didn’t exactly know how much sauce I would need with the sausage and the cauliflower, I decided to go with a 1.5 recipe of the sauce, but that definitely turned out to be too much. I should have just made sauce as is. Regardless, I decided to go with some fun cheese too – I ended up finding some cheddar with caramelized onion in it to give a different flavor to the cheesy sauce.



We ended up with some leftovers and some leftover sauce – great with some pasta too. Overall, a great quick meal – healthy(ish) and cheap.



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