Cooking: Mushroom Stroganoff


Mushrooms are not something I love. Actually, if I had to choose 2 vegetables I would avoid, it would be eggplant… and then mushrooms. However, I’m coming around to mushrooms. They are definitely filling and a great way to get nutrition as well. I honestly didn’t grow up with stroganoff for dinner when I was young, but this book has been able to take me out of my comfort zone and make some delicious items. This mushroom stroganoff was really good (fed my boyfriend and I for both dinner and lunch the next day), but something that’s just not super comforting to me.


The next day though, the stroganoff was a bit better – the sauce thickened and was settled. I did substitute baby portabella mushrooms with regular portabella mushrooms – which made cleaning the gills MUCH harder – definitely recommend using regular ones. I went to a local Safeway next to work (which is a lot smaller than the ones I typically go to) and they didn’t have goat cheese (!!). I had to substitute with some cream cheese which probably changed the flavor slightly.


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