Baking: Whole Wheat Bread


With a mandate to use all the whole wheat flour, I had to go find some recipes to use it. To be honest, I’m actually afraid of yeast bread – actually I think I’m just afraid of yeast. I’m afraid of overproofing, and underproofing and just everything around yeast. However, after watching all the episodes of The Great British Baking Show, I decided to give making bread a try again. We went with a honey whole wheat oatmeal bread.



I definitely overproofed the bread…and possibly slightly over baked it. It’s okay though since we intended on using the bread the next day in a French toast (with a bit of triple sec). The bread was a bit crumbly the day of and even the next day, but we just cut some thick slices for the French toast.

Definitely will be trying to make more bread in the coming weeks.



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