Cooking: Scrambled Eggs v.3

8b73fdb5-5e28-4cab-b077-b89835c8e506.pngAlong with our cold brew, we decided to make the scrambled eggs. I’ve always told the boy whenever he made them were over cooked, and I’d try and make these for him and hopefully it would have been better. The ingredients were easy and the instructions were even more simple.


Even though it was simple, the first batch made wasn’t the best. I guess the pan was just a little too cold when I started the process, so the eggs were slightly underdone. The second batch, I decided to let it heat up higher than the suggested temperature so the sides of the pan were almost to the suggested temperature. Definitely much better. The harissa paste used added a nice spice to the eggs. This is a great way to make creamy delicious eggs. I’ll have to make them again. Also – the bacon is a good addition!

Overall, great breakfast for the two of us.



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