Baking: Broccoli Pizza


When the newest recipe for Avid Baker’s Challenge came out, I was like broccoli pizza? That’s not what belongs on pizza…then I remembered this clip. It’s actually not untrue. I’m a SF girl now (for about 6 years) so I know there are places with broccoli on pizza. To be honest, it’s really not all that bad – it’s a great way to eat vegetables in a more pleasant manner than just steamed.


I followed the recipe for the most part. We decided not to make pizza dough from scratch since we did a hike for most of the afternoon. We couldn’t make it around the entire lake since parts of it was blocked off. Due to that, we did about half and had to switch back. We probably make it almost 4 miles before switching back.

Since we did this long hike, we decided to stick with getting fresh ingredients from Berkeley Bowl. It’s actually one of my favorite places to get groceries. Produce is on the cheaper side and so fresh! You actually can get varieties of different vegetables and they typically have things you can’t find in a normal grocery story.


We were using a pizza stone – so I made the mistake of not pre-baking the dough prior to putting all the ingredients on the top. It definitely created a soggy bottom which made the pizza a bit hard to eat. Also, we loaded the pizza with Italian sausage (since the boy cannot eat a main dish WITHOUT meat). I would definitely make this again, but pre-baking the dough and cutting the broccoli into smaller pieces (smaller than bite sized pieces) would make it THAT much better.



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