Cooking: Chilaquiles


Ever since getting my lovely cookbook, I’ve had shared it with some friends who wanted to cook some recipes so I let them borrow it. One of Patrick’s roommates wanted to try the chilaquiles. He made them once and it looked amazing. When it came time for us to make it, it was such a process to get it all done. I’ll definitely enjoy it, but it was too much work for a morning dish. 


First, the roasted chili salsa was delicious. The recipe definitely called for way more chili than was needed. The chili was delicious a few days later on other Mexican dishes (tacos, taco salad, etc) as well.

The chilaquiles were delicious. They were actually really easy to make once the salsa was made already. We added some boiled chicken (which was actually kind of difficult to make well). The cooking of the eggs using the broiler was probably one of the more tricky parts of the dish. I probably kept the dish in for a little too long since some of the eggs were a little more cooked than intended. I ended up eating the less cooked eggs since the boy likes his eggs cooked a little more. Overall, great and easy dish for a Sunday morning.



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