Cooking: Grits and Shrimp


Some ambitious weekends means the boyfriend and I, well really just me, cook. We had made the tacos the night before and had made plans to make this shrimp dish for brunch.



The issue is, so many of Alton’s recipes require work the night before making the actual recipe. It’s such a long process sometimes, and this one was definitely no exception. The night before, we peeled the shrimp and made some shrimp broth to soak the grits in and used to make the grits in the morning. The whole dish took a long to make, but was good overall. I think the next day, it took me another hour or so to make the grits and all the prep. The dish was super flavorful with the bacon, shrimp and grits. The grits were salty, but had some great shrimp flavor throughout it. Can’t want to make more grits (and shrimp).



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