Cooking: Dinner Party


I decided to get 3 different recipes in for a dinner party with friends, a couple with this adorable husky not-so-small puppy. I had decided to be slightly ambitious and make 3 different recipes from the Alton Brown book that made sense together – cocoa nib vinaigrette, fish sticks and custard, and the french fries. 



When my girlfriend and I decided to meet up, I suggested we just meet in Berkeley since the puppy will be able to play around outside and my roommate’s dog (a Maltese) is just a little too small to be playing rough with a husky anymore. This way, we could hang out, catch up and enjoy everyone’s company. The three dishes weren’t hard to make, they just took a little more time than I accounted for. Not only that, her boyfriend is just a little picky, so I wanted to be sure he would enjoy dinner with all of us.



Cocoa nib vinaigrette: this was one of the favorites from the girlfriend. The boyfriend and I had previously tried to make it one night, but we didn’t realize the vinaigrette needed to sit for about an hour before we could use it. It wasn’t very good that time. But this time for the dinner party, we did everything appropriately and it paired well with the simple green salad with some tomatoes in it. This is a definitely item I would make again and again.



Fish sticks and custard: Fried foods are delicious so I knew I had to make these – also, they’re pretty relatable to everyone. I was slightly worried it would be a bit fishy, but it truly wasn’t. The issue with this dish is the time and effort put into making everything, but it was REALLY good. I would make it again, but the time and effort isn’t really worth it fully.



Tomorrow, French Fries: I couldn’t find the recipe online, but basically I baked the potatoes the night before and then the day of, I fried the fries. Not difficult, but still time consuming. I’d make these again – for sure, especially if I knew I had friends over. They’re best fresh, but it’s almost impossible to make them and eat them fresh.


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