Cooking: Garam Masalamon Steaks


It was actually one of the dishes I was dreading to make – where was I going to find salmon steaks? I had never really seen them anywhere, but apparently, they were at Safeway – we didn’t even have to make extra trips to get what we needed.


I was worried in a few things in this dish. I did want to make sure I got all the pin bones out. I even bought tweezers to be able to take out most of the pin bones. Being able to wrap the steak in the specific way per the book was slightly nerve-wracking but I ended up getting it. Also, somehow we forgot twine so we used unflavored floss (which worked surprisingly well).

We decided to pair our salmon steaks with some pesto pasta (as we had leftover basil) and some white asparagus. Since the white asparagus was the same price as regular, we decided to be a bit different. Overall – it was a great Saturday meal for the two of us. Another recipe down!



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