Baking: Apple Crumb Muffins


When I told y’all I’ll be baking more, I really meant it. I think there’s parts of me that are really lazy and where I don’t want to bake…or don’t want to blog about it, but it’s kind of fun to share parts of my life to the internet sometimes.


As just a change in my lifestyle to include more fresh fruit in my life, I decided to try and start a biweekly box of Imperfect Produce. It’s this great service that delivers “imperfect” produce to my apartment. The produce isn’t good enough to be in the supermarkets – they’re a bit too small or misshapen or somehow there were just too many! Since there’s only one of me, I can’t get through all of my fruit in 2 weeks (its a few pounds even in the smallest box they have), so I decided to start baking with it.

I used some apples and some (okay, quite a bit) of butter and sugar to put this thing together. My roommates, coworkers, and friends actually really enjoyed them all; I felt it was a little dense and close crumbed, but still good!


I found a great recipe – and only made one change in the crumb to add a bit more flour since it wasn’t sticking together for me. Other than that, it was great recipe (and used some of my produce)! Mine did make almost 19, but I didn’t fill the tins as much as the recipe probably suggested.



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