Baking: Orange Brownies


Now I know oranges don’t sound like a good pairing with brownies – or at least not a typical sense. However, there’s a great pairing of orange and chocolate in a chocolate bar so I decided to try some orange brownies. 

Again, since I’m trying to get rid of my Imperfect Produce, as I talked about in the last post, these seemed like the great experiment to do so. I decided to start with a great brownie recipe by one of my faves – Alton Brown. I decided to just add some orange zest (about 2 teaspoons) and a bar of the intense orange chocolate bar.

Also I have issues with waiting before wanting to take pictures and I didn’t wait long enough for my brownies to cool. Therefore, when I got to starting to cool the brownies, I started cutting into them. Then, they fell apart on me. They didn’t end up being the prettiest things in the world, but they were still pretty good.


I just need to be more patient before taking it out of the pan, but also use parchment paper.


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