Baking: S’more Cookies


These s’more cookies were made for someone special to me. 


You know how you have someone in your life who somehow showed up and just seemed like they were always there? That’s Kim for me. Long story short, we met each other in math class first semester of college (UC Berkeley, Go Bears!) and somehow we ended up friends. I was a pre-business, ended up being economics major and her a chemistry major. I’ll be honest, I rarely ever went to that class – our graduate student instructor was not a great teacher. But, our last year in college we ended up living together for a year – and it was really great. I mean we had the normal issues (doing dishes, etc) but it was so much fun. We are peculiar in our likes (we liked different orange juices so we’d have two different types in the fridge) and things like that.

 (some pictures of our friendship from college to now)

Anyways, on to current day, Kim currently lives in Philadelphia in the last few months of her rotations and I know she was feeling a bit down due to various things happening so I figured I’d just make something she’d enjoy.


Boy, were these cookies delicious. I couldn’t believe how good they were. They tasted JUST like s’mores, but in cookie form.


As per the recipe, I used both mini marshmallows and these great puff mallow bits. They’re like even smaller marshmallows to put into your hot cocoa. They were perfect little additions to add onto the top for more marshmallow flavor.

I do wish I used a mixture of both dark and semi sweet chocolate, but Kim wanted semisweet so that’s what I went with. Definitely a good alternative to smores and having your clothes smell like smoke!



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