Baking: Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies


This was definitely something new I had never made before. It’s actually kind of funny since I had never thought of these cookies before, but they’re really good.


First off, there’s actually a funny story about how this friend and I met. He (Ben) has the same name as my best guy friend. It makes my life slight confusing. We met on a dating website and honestly, we are looking for different things in our lives. But he won me over to go out to a nice restaurant in SF I hadn’t been to and now we talk frequently and go out to nice food in SF.

But secondly, he was on vacation in Asia when I started up my baking craziness again. Therefore, I offered him a chance to tell me what he wanted me to make since he didn’t get to try some of the stuff. Therefore, I let him choose.

What I ended up making based on what he described. Peanut butter. Crunch. Chocolate. Cookie. This recipe was really easy and I ended up just buying some buncha Crunch to include in the recipe. They were delicious! (Definitely try it out).



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