About Me

IMG_0118I’m a 27 year old CPA who has lots of loves. I had a blog previously documenting the things I baked while in college, but I wanted to restart a blog regarding my life – the food I eat, the places I travel, the things and viewpoints I have on life.  It’ll most like be a way for me document my life and share it with friends, family and the world. Mostly what the blog has become is a way to see my life through the years – both travelling to lots of places, and seeing old friends, making new ones, and everything in between you can think of.  I know I’m going to be

I was born in China – in a not so small city of Beijing. To be honest, I have no idea what my life there was like. My dad wanted a better life for himself and his family, so he moved to Alaska to get his Masters.  Yes, I did live in Alaska for a bit of my life, but no, I don’t remember any of it.

My first real memory is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My parents lived in an apartment complex with some other Chinese families.  There were probably 4 or 5 families with children about the same age and I have distinct memories of going to the Rose Garden to catch tadpoles. Oh, life was so much easier then.

When I was 6, we moved to Fullerton, California and I find myself a true Californian.  I love the sun, great weather, and lifestyle.  I’ve lived in various parts of California since then. Orange County, California is where I grew up and it holds a very dear part of my life.

248310_10150186388461748_5747152_n.jpgMoving to Berkeley was a sudden change, but it was an eye opening experience.  It’s like a 180 from Orange County – almost in all way.  I lived in Berkeley for my 4 years of university (Go Bears!).  I found some of my best friends in Berkeley and I’m so happy about how my life turned out from all those experiences. For most of my college career, I definitely spent my time baking cookies, cupcakes, and volunteering in a great organization (Circle K). I definitely also made the best of my time in Berkeley – I mean I could have done some things differently, like studied more or done more things for my career, but isn’t college about having fun?

After Berkeley, I moved to SF for my job and living in San Francisco is an adventure in so many way. I hope you’ll join me for it!