Cooking: Chilaquiles


Ever since getting my lovely cookbook, I’ve had shared it with some friends who wanted to cook some recipes so I let them borrow it. One of Patrick’s roommates wanted to try the chilaquiles. He made them once and it looked amazing. When it came time for us to make it, it was such a process to get it all done. I’ll definitely enjoy it, but it was too much work for a morning dish.  Continue reading “Cooking: Chilaquiles”

Baking: Midnight Mug Cake for 2


Since I’m all for easy recipes – this one was perfect for me to make. Combine a few ingredients and I was ready to have cake! It’s funny because I had this myself even though it does say it’s for two. I was considering halving the recipe, but since I was treating myself to chocolate cake, why not eat the serving for two – who was I kidding? Continue reading “Baking: Midnight Mug Cake for 2”

Baking: Broccoli Pizza


When the newest recipe for Avid Baker’s Challenge came out, I was like broccoli pizza? That’s not what belongs on pizza…then I remembered this clip. It’s actually not untrue. I’m a SF girl now (for about 6 years) so I know there are places with broccoli on pizza. To be honest, it’s really not all that bad – it’s a great way to eat vegetables in a more pleasant manner than just steamed. Continue reading “Baking: Broccoli Pizza”