#firstof27dresses: Wedding!

One of my close friends from high school decided to get herself married on July 3rd. I have so many fond memories – mostly from high school when we really became a lot closer. There are a ton of memories of baking cakes at my house – maybe that’s where my love from baking started or just other small things. At the rehearsal and the actual wedding, I’ve seen how much she’s changed and grown since we were in high school.  She’s become such a beautiful person and I missed part of that transformation. I’m so glad I’m back in her life now and able to experience the wedding with her.  Continue reading “#firstof27dresses: Wedding!”


#firstof27dresses: Bridal Shower

 Now that I’m already a bridesmaid for a friend, I wanted to make sure her maid of honor had the important stuff planned – a bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Now currently, the party hasn’t been planned, but the bridal shower was definitely a ton of fun and I’m so happy I made the trip down for it.

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#firstof27dresses: Being Asked

It’s been one of my goals to be a part of a wedding party; maybe not 27 weddings but a few. I knew that one of my best friends, Kim, would definitely ask me to be a part of her wedding party, but since she’s currently without a significant other, I wasn’t going to bet on doing that for her within the next year or so.

Recently, I was reconnected with one of my closest high school friends. Long story short, distance between our universities created a rift between the two of us. High school seems forever ago, but we definitely haven’t changed that much since then.

Check out us at our fake prom!

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30 by 30: Finishing that 5K

I finished! I honestly don’t really work out ever.  I’m probably the worst out of my friends since they all run, especially my friends who run long distances. Typically, when I go to the gym, I’m all about the elliptical and stretching myself out. Gotta keep flexible.  I figured that a 5K I could do easily (only a little more than 3 miles) and hopefully finish it with some friends.  This run was the first weekend after I got back to San Francisco and had no time to train even a little bit. I’m not a runner so not even training a little bit was difficult for me. Honestly, I wouldn’t do this again without a little bit of working out beforehand because it’s just rough on me that I couldn’t at least go jogging a little bit before doing this run with friends. No more during busy season!
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30 by 30: Broadway musical, part 2

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I’m really into lists. For whatever reason when I find a list I’m interested, I feel the need to finish it. Even though I’ve been to a musical on Broadway already, whenever I’m in New York City, I do feel the need to see one (or more). This time around my trip includes checking off another one of my bucket list item, but of course, I needed to see a musical with the best friend.  Continue reading “30 by 30: Broadway musical, part 2”

30 by 30: New Years Eve in New York City

Taken by Jaymie Santiago

There is just something quintessential about spending New Years Eve in New York City. It’s about spending that time with friends watching the ball drop in Times Square. Although I’m not the type of person to stand for an ENTIRE day waiting for a small ball to drop to signify the new year, I did want to be in the Big Apple and do it my way – getting dressed up and drinking champagne with some of my closest friends.

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