30 by 30: 25 states


I’ve always been a big traveler – or at least ever since college. Before that, my parents had definitely took us to a few different trip where I was able to explore the US as a child. Continue reading “30 by 30: 25 states”


California Dreaming – Big Sur



I know it’s been awhile since it’s been posting – being in a relationship is harder than I remember it being. Trying to find time to spend together and then also spend time apart to be able to do the things we enjoy – so difficult when we’re also busy professionals.

This past weekend we were able to get away and have some fun while we were there. We got ourselves to Big Sur – it’s just so beautiful down there. Because it’s all protected, the water is so clear and blue! Just amazing. Enjoy the pictures below! Continue reading “California Dreaming – Big Sur”

30 by 30: Hot Air Balloon Ride

This was one of the most spontaneous trips I’ve taken. Normally, I’m a type of person to plan everything out before I get to a city and have places I want to go to, or things I want to do each day. Busy season (it’s seriously never ending) and my trip to Chicago had taken a lot out of me so all I had planned was a flight and a hotel room for the weekend. Continue reading “30 by 30: Hot Air Balloon Ride”

Chicago: Food

Picture by Mike Warot (provided by Flickr)

I’m a food person. If you’ve read my blog before you know that I love food – making it, eating it, but Chicago has a great food scene I really enjoyed. I definitely tried to go to some of the more popular places since I was only going to be there a few days, but I got some great places in. These are on the most popular lists on yelp or by Chicago critics – one even has a Michelin star.  Continue reading “Chicago: Food”

30 by 30: Broadway musical, part 2

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I’m really into lists. For whatever reason when I find a list I’m interested, I feel the need to finish it. Even though I’ve been to a musical on Broadway already, whenever I’m in New York City, I do feel the need to see one (or more). This time around my trip includes checking off another one of my bucket list item, but of course, I needed to see a musical with the best friend.  Continue reading “30 by 30: Broadway musical, part 2”

NYC: Statue of Liberty Crown Access

Getting access up to the crown is actually not that difficult. I definitely got the tickets to go up a few months ahead of time since I was going during the holiday season, but we checked for other days and it looks like about 3 weeks is good if you’re not traveling during any of the busy times. Summer? I’d probably plan ahead. Continue reading “NYC: Statue of Liberty Crown Access”