Drinks: Thai Tea

This recipe of thai tea was interesting. It was not as orange as I’m used to – the ones where you get in a thai restaurant.

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Cooking: Turkey Sliders


Turkey is one of the more difficult ingredients that I’ve had to use – it’s often hard to get the turkey moist. However, I put my trust into the Alton Brown recipes and hoped for the best.  Continue reading “Cooking: Turkey Sliders”


Cooking: Dinner Party


I decided to get 3 different recipes in for a dinner party with friends, a couple with this adorable husky not-so-small puppy. I had decided to be slightly ambitious and make 3 different recipes from the Alton Brown book that made sense together – cocoa nib vinaigrette, fish sticks and custard, and the french fries.  Continue reading “Cooking: Dinner Party”


Cooking: Grits and Shrimp


Some ambitious weekends means the boyfriend and I, well really just me, cook. We had made the tacos the night before and had made plans to make this shrimp dish for brunch. Continue reading “Cooking: Grits and Shrimp”


Cooking: BCLT Tacos


I’m not 100% sure why Alton decided to include this taco in the breakfast area since it’s not really a breakfast item. Regardless, we decided to make “breakfast” for dinner at one time. There’s a great supermarket I’ve talked about before, Berkeley Bowl, that actually has a bunch of different fresh ingredient.  Continue reading “Cooking: BCLT Tacos”


Cooking: Breakfast Carbonara


When we get ingredients for some of the dishes we make, we often have leftover ingredients. That happens quite often actually. My boyfriend just has his pantry full of leftover spices and his fridge is full of ingredients which he really dislikes at times. This time, we had some pecorino leftover from another dish so breakfast carbonara it is.  Continue reading “Cooking: Breakfast Carbonara”